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Ivy Mike Test of First H-Bomb in 1952.

5 August

On August 5, 1963, the Treaty banning Nuclear Weapon Tests in the Atmosphere, in Outer Space and Underwater, often abbreviated as the Partial Test Ban Treaty, was signed between the Soviet Union, the United States, and Great Britain. …

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Peter Carl Faberge

Peter Carl Faberge was a world famous master jeweler and head of the ‘House of Faberge’ in Imperial Russia in the waning days of the Russian Empire.

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Prominent Russians: Science and technology

Zhores Alfyorov Zhores Alfyorov Science and technology Zhores Alfyorov is the Noble Prize winning academician with more than half a century’s experience of research in semiconductors. Daniil Andreev Daniil Andreev Science and technology A philosopher and a mystic, Daniil Andreev was the only son of famous Russian writer Leonid Andreev. Oleg Antonov Oleg Antonov Science and technology Oleg Antonov was a Soviet aircraft designer and creator of An-225 “Mriya,” the biggest, heavy cargo-lifting aircraft to date. Aleksandr Bakulev Aleksandr Bakulev Science and technology Aleksandr Bakulev was a Soviet scientist, surgeon and one of the founders of cardiovascular surgery in the USSR. Nikolay Basov Nikolay Basov Science and technology Nikolay Basov was a Soviet physicist and Nobel Prize winner for research leading to the development of the MASER and laser. Vladimir Bekhterev Vladimir Bekhterev Science and technology Vladimir Bekhterev was an outstanding Russian psychiatrist and neurologist, founder of reflexology in Russia. Evgeny Botkin Evgeny Botkin Science and technology It is hard to imagine a physician who took the Hippocratic Oath more seriously than Dr. Evgeny Botkin, physician to Tsar Nicholas II. Nikolay Burdenko Nikolay Burdenko Science and technology Nikolay Burdenko was a military surgeon, who became the father of Russian neurosurgery, founder of the Soviet Medical Academy, and the Soviet Healthcare System as a whole. Evgeny Chazov Evgeny Chazov Science and technology Evgeny Ivanovich Chazov is a prominent Russian cardiologist, former Soviet Health Care Minister, a Nobel Peace Prize winner and a Guinnes Book world record. Pavel Durov Pavel Durov Science and technology Pavel Durov is a programmer and a successful businessman who founded the largest social network in Russia’s internet, Svyatoslav Fyodorov Svyatoslav Fyodorov Science and technology Throughout his life, Svyatoslav Fyodorov had done just that, helping hundreds of thousands of people through his pioneering eye surgery. Lev Gumilev Lev Gumilev Science and technology Lev Gumilеv was a Russian historian and ethnographer whose unorthodox and sometimes paradoxical ideas have attracted wide public interest in modern Russia.