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Ivy Mike Test of First H-Bomb in 1952.

5 August

On August 5, 1963, the Treaty banning Nuclear Weapon Tests in the Atmosphere, in Outer Space and Underwater, often abbreviated as the Partial Test Ban Treaty, was signed between the Soviet Union, the United States, and Great Britain. …

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Peter Carl Faberge

Peter Carl Faberge was a world famous master jeweler and head of the ‘House of Faberge’ in Imperial Russia in the waning days of the Russian Empire.

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Prominent Russians: History and mythology

Andrey Bogolyubsky Andrey Bogolyubsky History and mythology Andrey Bogolyubsky was Prince of Rostov-Suzdal and the Grand Prince of Vladimir. He increased the importance of the northeastern Russian lands and contributed to the development of government and Christianity in the forest region. Valery Chkalov Valery Chkalov History and mythology Valery Chkalov, dubbed as one of Stalin’s “falcons”, performed the first non-stop transpolar flight from Moscow to the United States. Ekaterina Dashkova Ekaterina Dashkova History and mythology Dashkova is remembered as one of the first women in Europe to take over the directorship of the Imperial Academy of Sciences in Russia. Denis Davydov Denis Davydov History and mythology Denis Vasilyevich Davydov was a Russian poet, military historian and theorist. Yury Dolgoruky Yury Dolgoruky History and mythology Yury Dolgoruky, who is considered the founder of Moscow, is one of the most contradictory and turbulent figures in Russian history. Nadezhda Durova Nadezhda Durova History and mythology Nadezhda Durova, known in her time as a writer, is better remembered by history as the first woman to become an officer in the Russian Army. Fyodor I “The Bellringer” Fyodor I “The Bellringer” History and mythology Fyodor I was a son of Tsar Ivan IV “The Terrible” and his first wife, Anastasia. In Russian documents, Fyodor is sometimes called “the blessed”. Ivan Fyodorov Ivan Fyodorov History and mythology Ivan Fyodorov is considered one of the founding fathers of book printing in Russia. Vladimir Gilyarovsky Vladimir Gilyarovsky History and mythology Vladimir Gilyarovsky was a Russian writer and journalist, best known for his recollections of life in Moscow on the verge of the 20th centuries. Boris Godunov Boris Godunov History and mythology The ruler of Russia from 1587-1598 and Tsar from 1598 to 1605, Boris Godunov played an important role in Russian history. Ilya Muromets Ilya Muromets History and mythology The saint, who became the prototype of an ancient Russian folk epic hero, known for his strength and courage, while fighting off the enemies. Bohdan Khmelnitsky Bohdan Khmelnitsky History and mythology Bohdan Khmelnitsky was a Cossack military leader. He freed Ukraine from the rule of Poland and preserved its national identity by bringing it under Russia’s protectorate.